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About Veysel North America

Veysel USA, LLC is established and has been doing business since 2018. We offer the finest quality kitchen equipment for Middle Eastern cuisine in North America. Shawarma Machines, Hummus Blenders and Kebab Slicers can be ordered by contacting us directly at 1-203-668-3988 or by email at

Veysel USA is a partner of Veysel Commercial Food Machinery Pty Ltd who proudly assist the Australian hospitality & food service industry for 30 years. Now, Veysel USA has brought this high quality equipment to the North American market. Veysel has a long history of manufacturing quality commercial catering and food service equipment for fast food outlets, kebab shops, takeaway shops, full service restaurants, restaurant consultants, quick serve restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, kiosks and schools.

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